I'm your dream maker

About me



SHE LOVES: Travelling, Fine Dining, rainbows.
SHE DISLIKES: Addictions, Cold, fake people.
HER DREAM: Planning a wedding under the Northern Lights
A SMELL: Tutti-frutti

Hello! My name’s Cristina and I’m the Lead Planner and I help engaged couples make their dream weddings a reality.


My mom has an event planning Company. Since I was born I have been surrounded by flowers, waiters, chefs, decoration, interior designers and clients with all kind of expectations. That helped me discover what I’m really good at.


Before formally starting as a wedding planner, I worked as a flight attendant and preschool teacher. I have a master’s degree in administration, I have taken many courses in event design, I have a technician as an event organizer, a degree as International wedding planner, courses in etiquette and protocol, I love to participate in the Destination Wedding Planner Congress and be in constantly training.

When I’m not planning I love spending time with my ¬†puppy Capuchino. I love caramel, collecting stamps and listening to Jack Johnson’s records.



(+506) 8883-8990